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New to kombucha or just want to test out Edmonton’s first? Pick-up a taster pack which includes one bottle of each of our 4 standard flavours:

Peach: The only thing that can be this juicy is biting into a fresh peach. Sorry, no hard pits or furry skin here!

Snozzberry: Our ode to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! Snozzberry is best described as a tart berry that’s definitely delicious.

Cherry: Think of eating cherries outside in the summer sun; we promise not to stain your mouth or hands!

Lavender: Lightly floral and uniquely refreshing, lavender Boocha is a keeper.

As a Bonus, we’ll also add in a bottle of our monthly feature flavour. That’s 5 bottles for the price of 4, an online exclusive!


Please note, this item is Limited to one per customer

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