Where Can I Get Cultured (Get Boocha)?

Please visit our Where to Boocha page to find out about markets Boocha will be vending at as well as a list of our retailers or our pre-orders page to reserve your Boocha for pick-up at a local farmers market date. Currently our Brewery is a shared space so we do not have opening hours at our location; if you wish to arrange a pick-up at River City Revival House inside the Starlite Room please email drink@boocha.ca.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a cultured tea beverage. The health benefits are similar to a probiotic yoghurt but in a fizzy iced tea format.

What goes into your kombucha?

Starting with a blend of green, black and yerba mate teas, we brew the perfect cup of sweet tea. After letting it cool to room temperature, we add in our SCOBY, the founder of Boocha. The SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) metabolises sugars and caffeine, packing Boocha full of probiotics, healthy enzymes, and amino acids that are important to a healthy body. The final step is to add flavouring using a unique blend of concentrated fruit teas.

Isn’t kombucha just a nutrition trend making its rounds?

Far from it! Kombucha isn’t a new thing at all, it’s been recorded to be thousands of years olds, originally described as “the elixir of long life.”

How much should I drink a day?

That depends from person to person. If you are not a regular kombucha-er we recommend starting out with a small glass to a single bottle a day. As your gut starts to get used to all the good bacteria you can slowly up your intake.

How much sugar is in it?

After culturing there is 8g of organic cane sugar per 207 ml serving in the final product. That is about 30% the sugar found in a can of soda and less in than in the mass produced kombuchas you can find at big box stores.

How much caffeine is in a bottle?

Since Boocha is a tea based beverage there is caffeine present. You are looking at about 25mg of caffeine in a single bottle which is the equivalent as a cup of tea.

Usually things promoted as healthy taste like burnt rubber to me, does your kombucha taste “healthy” aka bad?

Nope. Consider it mother nature’s gift to man. Though, yes it is extremely healthy for you, it also tastes great. If you haven’t tried it before, come visit us and try our peach flavour. It’s refreshing and sweet and a real party in your mouth.

If I start drinking kombucha, will my friends assume I live in a van down by the river?

Nope, kombucha is blowing up all over the place and every type of person is enjoying it. Come see for yourself at one of our markets where we can’t keep up with the demand!

Should I refrigerate it?

We recommend refrigerating it in the same way you would a jug of milk. If left unrefrigerated, the flavours can change and it will create more CO2 as the tea continues to culture.

I’ve heard there’s alcohol in kombucha, am I gonna get pulled over for drinking it?

Nope. The amount of alcohol that occurs in the culturing process is very slight, so if you get pulled over, it’s probably because you left your high beams on.

Can I give it to my kids?

Because kombucha is made with tea, it does contain some caffeine. As a general rule, kids age three and up can drink their age in ounces on a daily basis, but this is depending on the child’s sensitivity to caffeine and should be given at the discretion of the parents.

Help, there is a floaty in my Boocha!

Congratulations, you have found a baby scoby. Don’t be scared it is perfectly normal. Since Boocha is a raw living beverage, despite our best efforts the good stuff does form small cultures from time to time. They are totally safe to eat, and even funner to throw at friends or family.