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Can’t make it to the Farmers Market, but still wanna get your Boocha? We’ve got you covered with free delivery within Edmonton and Sherwood Park on minimum orders of $30. Same day delivery available on orders placed before 2 PM.
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New to kombucha, or just want to try Edmonton’s first? Mix and match a four-pack of our iconic stubby bottles, and get a free carrier box!

Cherry: Think of eating cherries outside in the summer sun; we promise not to stain your fingers!

Lavender: Lightly floral and uniquely refreshing, Lavender is definitely our most unique flavour.

Peach: The only thing that can be this juicy is biting into a fresh peach. Sorry, no hard pits or fuzzy skin here!

Snozzberry: What started as a mistake, but was too damn good not to keep. Its best described as a berry lemonade.