Taster Pack + Bonus Bottle! (Pick-Up Only)

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New to kombucha or just want to test out Edmonton’s first? Pick-up a taster pack which includes one bottle of each of our 4 standard flavours:

Peach: The only thing that can be this juicy is biting into a fresh peach. Sorry, no hard pits or furry skin here!

Snozzberry: Our ode to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! Snozzberry is best described as a tart berry that’s definitely delicious.

Cherry: Think of eating cherries outside in the summer sun; we promise not to stain your mouth or hands!

Lavender: Lightly floral and uniquely refreshing, lavender Boocha is a keeper.

As a Bonus, we’ll also add in a bottle of our monthly feature flavour. That’s 5 bottles for the price of 4, an online exclusive!


Please note, this item is Limited to one per customer and only available to pick up at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays