Water, culture of kombucha, organic cane sugar, flavoured with a mix of teas and dried fruits. A raw kombucha with no added juices or sweeteners.


At first we were hesitant to make a Ginger Boocha, ’cause well everyone does it. Initially crafted as a Moscow Mule mixer, our ginger is a bold take on a traditional kombucha flavour. Ginger Boocha is a tangy smack of ginger and molasses that gets to the root of your thirst.


Lavender Boocha is a delicate bouquet of floral effervescence brewed with organic french lavender and a hint of orange peel. We like to describe it as a non-alocholic gin flavour.


A decadently juicy peach kombucha. Our most popular flavour is a go-to for Boocha newbies and aficionados alike. Peach Boocha is fizzy, fuzzy and dripping with stone cold flavour.


Does Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries? Well actually, Snozzberry Boocha is a blueberry lemonade flavour and our ode to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What started out as a mix-up at the Boocha factory is now a Boocha staple. It’s your taste buds’ golden ticket!