Water, culture of kombucha, organic cane sugar, flavoured with a mix of teas and dried fruits. A raw kombucha with no added juices or sweeteners.


A Boocha classic, Cherry is poppin’ with robust tannins for a wild cherry flavour with just a hint of tartness. For the kombucha connoisseur or the cherry soda fan.


At first we were hesitant to make a Ginger Boocha, ’cause well everyone does it. Initially crafted as a Moscow Mule mixer, our ginger is a bold take on a traditional kombucha flavour. Ginger Boocha is a tangy smack of ginger and molasses that gets to the root of your thirst.


Lavender Boocha is a delicate bouquet of floral effervescence brewed with organic french lavender and a hint of orange peel. We like to describe it as a non-alocholic gin flavour.


A decadently juicy peach kombucha. Our most popular flavour is a go-to for Boocha newbies and aficionados alike. Peach Boocha is fizzy, fuzzy and dripping with stone cold flavour.


Does Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries? Well actually, Snozzberry Boocha is a blueberry lemonade flavour and our ode to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What started out as a mix-up at the Boocha factory is now a Boocha staple. It’s your taste buds’ golden ticket!

Feature Flavour
Key Lime Pie

In partnership with the Ritchie Community Leauge Centennial Celebration Boocha has created an exclusive Key Lime Pie flavour. Key Lime Pie reminds us of something you would whip up for your neighbour as a housewarming gift of a special community event. Pie is something special, that takes a good amount of care and time to make, and is something that people gather around to celebrate – such as a 100 year anniversary.
Limited to 100 1L bottles and available exclusively at our Ritchie Back Alley Brewery, at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market or right here online for home delivery! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Ritchie Community Leauge.