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Cherry: A Boocha classic. Rich black cherry flavour with just a hint of tartness. For the kombucha connoisseur or the cherry soda fan. *Sorry Cherry is temporarily out of stock due to supply issues*
Lavender: Brewed with organic french lavender and a hint of orange peel, lavender Boocha is uniquely floral and surprisingly refreshing. We like to describe it as a non-alcoholic gin flavour.

Peach: A decadently juicy peach kombucha. Our most popular flavour is a go-to for Boocha newbies and aficionados alike.
Snozzberry: Does Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries? Well actually, Snozzberry Boocha is a blueberry lemonade flavour and our ode to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What started out as a mix-up at the Boocha factory is now a Boocha staple.
Ginger: At first we were hesitant to make a Ginger Boocha, ’cause well everyone does it. Initially crafted as a Moscow Mule mixer, our ginger is a bold take on a traditional kombucha flavour.


Additional information

Bottle Size

0.33 L


Cherry, Lavender, Peach, Snozzberry, Ginger, Blue Heat

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